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Amazing experience working with Roshhni at White_Bliss. She had all the answers to my questions, made me feel comfortable and further provided me with tips and solutions on how to work around with my concerns.

Anyone who is seeking answers to their questions about the past, present and future must contact Roshhni!

Ekta Jesswani

I have had tarot and numerology readings with roshhni.. I must say her reading are appropriate.. she is a very polite and friendly person...

Manisha Udasi

I met Roshni when I was in dire need to have not just a good person around but somebody who can be a healer. This science of prediction was definitely an alien concept to me but keeping with the philosophy of exploring other schools of predictive thought, I decided to go for it and to my surprise - she was so accurate.
First, let me come clean: getting your tarot cards read is really fun. I had four readings done: about my job, friends, marriage and a more general one. I got two kinds of testable statements: inferences about my past and present — and forecasts about my future, what was allegedly in store for me, and what the stats have to say about those predictions. That 1 hr session with Roshni, I am still not sure how, but I felt free and was in a situation where there were no negative thoughts in my mind. I had clarity and definitely was relaxed. I am now going for theta healing with her :)

Akrati Bang

I had a Tarot + Numerology session with Roshhni regarding my education and career. The Tarot Cards have truly guided me to become more confident and trust my intuition.

Roshhni is a really sweet and warm person who co-operated with me throughout all my sessions. I'm glad I had the opportunity to have such wonderful and meaningful sessions with her.

Naina Valrani

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